Everything You Need to Know about Inflatable Cycling Helmet?

Everything you need to know about inflatable cycling helmet

Inflatable cycling helmets are becoming more popular in the last few years and the number of people wearing them is exponentially increasing. If you haven’t heard of these helmets before, no problem because in this article I will explain all the basics you need to know in order to understand why they’ve been so popular lately.

What is Inflatable Cycling Helmet?

If I need to explain it in one sentence, that would be an airbag for cyclists. It was released in 2016 by Hövding, the Swedish startup that makes inflatable helmets for cyclists. By wearing the helmet around your neck, it will automatically open in case of an accident, providing complete protection to your head and neck.  

There is a battery inside that lasts for approximately 15 hours and it has a button on it that turns the collar on and off. So don’t forget to turn the collar on because otherwise, the airbag will not be activated at all. You can connect your phone to it via Bluetooth and that way, turn on GPS so that everyone can know your location if the accidents occur.

How does Inflatable Cycling Helmet Work?

It has sensors all around the collar and records a cyclist’s movements 200 times per second, if something happens the airbag will open up within 0,1 seconds. It is based on artificial intelligence technology that can distinguish accidents from non-accidents. This means you don’t have to worry about whether it will open up or not. Here is the video of this helmet being used in an everyday situation.

This collar can be very useful for people who don’t like wearing helmets at all. They just put this around their neck and it doesn’t necessarily mean they will ever activate it.

Is Inflatable helmet safe?

Thosents of tests were performed on the inflatable helmet with dummies wearing them, and it passed every single one with excellent results.  

A study by Sanford Universiti shows that this helmet has 8 times better protection than a regular cycling helmet which is insane. The damage to the head will be insignificant in the case of a fall because the head is completely encased in woven polyamide that won’t rip when scraped against the ground. So I can say that it’s pretty safe. 

Are Inflatable helmets reusable?

No, airbag helmets are not reusable. But if you’ve been in an accident whit Hövdings helmet they will sell you a replacement for 99$.

Some parts of the helmet will still work but the main function will be totally useless. I still didn’t find any other way except to buy a replacement.

How much does Inflatable Cycling Helmet cost?

A classic Hövdings helmet costs around 350$. But they are multiple modes on the market and the prices can range from 250$ to 400$ on average.

Keep in mind that the collar will open up very rarely and maybe you may not need to buy it for years to come. Or you will have to get a new one the same day you bought it. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth it or not.

Is Inflatable Helmet better than a classic cycling helmet?

If you are a casual rider who cycles through the city and is not too concerned with the speed, and you may also have extra money to spend, then this is the helmet for you. But if you are a competitive cyclist this is maybe not the right choice because it doesn’t have as much aerodynamics as a regular helmet.

On the other hand, if we speak about the safety side of things then the airbag helmet wins for sure. The classic helmet is also much easier to carry around because you can just leave it on the bike and don’t have to worry about the helmet being stolen.

When the winter comes this collar will keep your neck warm and coast during the ride. But in the summer times when it’s very hot outside it will not be a pleasant experience.

I believe that this helmet, with some good changes, could become an everyday item in the cycling world.  

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