Are Cycling Jerseys Worth It? (6 Reasons Why They Are!)

If you are new to cycling you may have seen other cyclists wear some cool jerseys.

You probably have many questions like are they just for professionals? What is the point? What is the difference between this jersey and my normal shirt?

In this blog, I will answer all the common questions about cycling jerseys and why every cyclist should at least consider buying one.

6 Reasons Why Cycling Jersey Is Worth Buying

1) Good Aerodynamic

Compared to a normal shirt, cycling jerseys are much more aerodynamic since they are very close to the body. That means you will go through the air like a bullet.

Various types of jerseys are available, some are very tight, some are less tight. 

According to the experts using skin-tight clothing is the single biggest improvement you can make to your speed.

I can tell that you will definitely notice the difference in the performance between the jersey and your baggy shirt.

2) Extra Pockets

This is probably the place where you will feel the difference most.

Cycling jerseys have three little pockets just above your lower back or one big zip pocket depending on the company.

These pockets are very useful, you can put your phone, snacks, pump, multi-tool, and money in there.

With these pockets, you don’t have to bring a heavy backpack with you or even worse to fill up your shorts pockets.

3) Light And Very Comfortable

The cycling jersey is very comfortable during the ride because it is specifically designed to fit the rider even in sprinting position.

It is wider in the shoulders and sleeves so that when you lean forward into sprinting position it will perfectly fit your body, a lot better than a normal shirt.

So don’t be surprised when you try it for the first time because it will feel a little short at the front and a little long at the back.

Also, it is very lightweight and you will feel very powerful as you ride.

4) Other People Will See You Better

This is especially important for commuters and for people who often ride on busy roads.

You want to make yourself as visible as possible for pedestrians and other road users.

So when choosing your jersey try to pick up some eye-catching colors like fluorescent green, orange, or red. Some jerseys will even have reflective detailing on them so others will be able to see you better in the nighttime.

5) Great Ventilation

Cycling jerseys are very breathable allowing the sweat and moisture to escape without creating the heat around you.

Even if you get wet, the jersey can be dried extremely quickly unlike the usual cotton shirt that stays wet for two days.

During the wintertime, you can wear it underneath because it eliminates moisture and still keeps you cool.

6) Look Cool

This one varies from person to person but for me, a cycling jersey looks kinda cool. It gives you that sporty and fitted look.

You will feel like a real cyclist and you will get motivated every time you see yourself in the mirror.

Why Cycling Jerseys Are So Expensive?

One of the most common questions that always comes up when talking about cycling jerseys is why they are so expensive? The average price of a cycling jersey is between 40$-300$ which is quite high compared to a normal t-shirt.

Here are the three main reasons why they have such a price.

Premium Materials

As cycling jerseys are made of high-quality materials, they carry a higher price because they’re specifically designed for cyclists. 

Materials such as carbon fiber (very light), nylon (keep the body cool), polyester (dries quickly), elastane (add flexibility to the jersey).

Together, these materials offer everything that one cyclist needs.

Also, these jerseys are mostly handmade which adds value to them.

Added Features

Another reason why cycling jerseys are more expensive than normal shirts is because of bonus features such as three pockets at the back and a zip pocket.

Many bike companies make those pockets waterproof so your stuff will stay dry in case of bad weather.

Also, some high-end jerseys will have sun protection built in a material so don’t need to apply sunscreen all the time.


Some like golf cycling is considered to be a luxurious sport, therefore, everything is more expensive.

There are multiple brands on the cycling market and everyone is trying to have premium prices so people can think their product is the best quality.

The Difference Between Long & Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

The main difference between long and short sleeve cycling jerseys is in the conditions in which they are worn.

Long sleeve jerseys are better suited to colder weather since they keep you warm and remove sweat from your body as well.  

On the other side, short sleeve jerseys are more versatile, they are primarily for warmer weather but they can also be worn In cooler weather usually underneath something.

Every other aspect is the same, they are both made out of the same material, same aerodynamic and both have three extra pockets behind.


A cycling jersey is perhaps one of the best investments you can make and in my opinion, it’s totally worth the money. It is great for both professional and casual rides.

I hope this article was helpful and I am sure if you decide to invest in a quality cycling jersey that it will pay off many times over.

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