Are Cycling Shorts Worth It? Yes, Here Are 5 Reasons Why

A saddle is the most important contact point on the bike so it is crucial to stay comfortable and without any discomfort down there.

In this article, I am going to show you five reasons why cycling shorts are worth your money and also answer some common questions about them.

5 Reasons Why Cycling Shorts Is Worth Buying

1) More Comfortable Ride

Cycling shorts are usually made of ergonomic high-tech padding which will absorb all the pressure of your sit bones making your ride much more comfortable.

This will mostly benefit mountain bike and bikepacking riders but is also very helpful for road cycling.

These shorts are not just plain protection they have multiple layers and each layer has a different function. They are specifically designed to fit a rider regardless of his position.

Also, cycling shorts are made of very light and breathable materials such as (nylon, polyester, spandex, and elastane).

If you sweat a lot while riding, I have good news for you because cycling shorts will pull all that moisture from the skin and transfer it to the outer layers while also cooling you every now and then. 

2) Great For Long Distance

As a long-distance rider, I can tell that cycling shorts are very good for multi-kilometer rides especially if those rides are 100+ kilometers (62+ miles).

I want to point out one thing. If you have a very cushy bike saddle and cycling shorts at the same time you will struggle, because softness isn’t everything.

You will “sink in” to the saddle which will cause even more numbness. It looks like if you have softer seat it will be more comfortable but in reality, it’s not true.

That’s why you want to find the perfect mix. A saddle that’s not too soft plus cycling shorts.

3) Additional Flexibility

Another quality that cycling shorts have is that extra flexibility, particularly in your legs and hips.

This is very important because the full range of motion that you can achieve will help you a lot when you are out on the ride.

You might think that this is not that big of a deal but when you try it yourself I can guarantee that you will see the difference.

You also won’t have to worry about any chafing against the saddle.

4) More Aerodynamic

Cycling shorts are very tight and are completely fused to the skin which allows you greater aerodynamic and wind resistance.

You won’t notice any difference at low speeds but when you get to high 20,30 kph (12.5, 18.5 mph) you will definitely notice the speed difference.

If you want to take cycling seriously and do it professionally cycling short is a must-have item along with a jersey and cycling shoes.

5) Less Butt Pain

One of the most annoying things when it comes to cycling is the “sore butt”.

If you’ve experienced it at least once in your life you know what I am talking about. One of the easiest ways to completely get rid of that “sore but” is to wear cycling shorts.

The padding inside will lower the pressure and get rid of every discomfort in your sensitive areas.

It feels like an extra cushion between seat bones and your saddle.

The Difference Between Bib Shorts And Waist Cycling Shorts?

There are two main types of cycling shorts waist and bib cycling shorts. You have probably seen them before because these two models have been quite popular lately.

Let’s see the main differences between these two types and which one should you choose?

Waist Cycling Shorts

For beginners, I would recommend waist-style shorts because they are really simple and easy to use.

You just put them on like your regular shorts and you are good to go.

They are more lightweight and cooler which is especially important in the summertime.

The only disadvantage that I have with these types of shorts is the waist strap. It is usually very tight and uncomfortable.

During the ride, it can be really annoying because it’s pressing your stomach all the time and it can make breathing a little bit harder. But if you get the right size you won’t have any bigger problems.

Also, they are usually a little bit cheaper than bib cycling shorts.

Bib Cycling Shorts

With bib cycling shorts we have these straps that go underneath the jersey.

They add a little bit more weight to your shoulders but also remove pressure from your stomach. With these extra straps, you are a little bit more flexible because you know that they can’t fall off.

The biggest disadvantage with this type of shorts is that you can’t go to the bathroom so easily like with normal shorts. You need to take off your jersey, pull down the straps, and then you can do your business.

You can try these shorts yourself and see what type is suiting you the most.

If you are doing a lot of road cycling, mountain biking, and more intense rides I will recommend getting pair of bib shorts. And for anyone else who wants a more simple and easier solution I recommend getting a pair of waist shorts.

Should You Wear Anything Under or Over Cycling Shorts?

Cycling shorts are specifically designed to fit a cyclist without any underwear so nothing should be worn underneath them.

Underwear is almost useless because they need to be fused directly to your skin in order to pull all the moisture out and that way decreases your sweating down there.

But on the other hand, you can wear things over the cycling shorts usually when it’s cold outside and you need a bonus layer over your shorts.

But try not to put too many layers above because then it will be too soft and cushy.


If you read all the way to the end you probably realized that cycling shorts are totally worth buying.

They can drastically increase your level of comfort and performance on the bike, especially on longer rides.

And I hope this article was helpful!

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