Are Cycling Sleeves Worth It? (5 Reasons Why They Are!)

I am sure you have seen other cyclists wearing sleeves, so you are probably wondering if they are really worth the money.  

In this article, I’m going to cover all the important details about riding with cycling sleeves as well as some tips you might not have heard of already. 

Cycling sleeves are one of the best investments for your cycling wardrobe, especially for beginners. They are versatile which means you can wear them in any weather condition and not to mention that they also look amazing.

Before we hop into the reasons you must know that there are three types of sleeves: arm sleeves, knee sleeves, and whole leg sleeves. All of which work at the same principle.

5 Reasons why cycling sleeves are worth it

Let’s hop into reasons why every cyclist should at least consider buying one pair of cycling sleeves.

1. Your Arms Need Warmth

It is common for us cyclists to start our rides early in the morning when the sun is not yet out.  

When we start cycling the lower part of the body will heat up much quicker than our arms and hands, because we don’t use them as much as we use our legs.

That’s why you need something like an arm sleeve to keep your arms warm.

As the day goes you can simply just take them off if you need to or you can just roll them down to your wrist depending on the situation.

They are also very lightweight so they won’t bother you even if you roll them.

2. You Will Save A Lot Of Space

When you have cycling sleeves you don’t really need multiple layers of clothing.

These cycling sleeves can be worn with a short-sleeve jersey that you already own as a replacement for your tracksuit.

That way you will save up a whole ton of space which is especially important if you are going on a multiple-day ride.

3. Perfect For Not Predictable Weather

Cycling sleeves are the perfect solution if you live in a country where the weather can be unpredictable.  

Whenever I’m riding a bike and its starts raining, I simply roll up my arm and leg sleeves, and that basically transformed my short sleeve jersey and shorts into the long sleeve jersey and long tights.

This men’s I don’t have to bring extra spare clothes with me all the time when I’m riding.

Furthermore, there are also special cycling sleeves for summer, which cool you and protect you from the sun with their UPF protection.

They usually come in white color so they can reflect the heat.

4. Remove Moisture From The Skin

Cycling sleeves are made of very light and comfortable fabric like nylon.

This material is usually used as activewear in many different sports.

It’s great because if you start sweating it will allow that moisture to escape without creating the heat around you.

5. They Look Good

This is more of a personal thing but at least for me, cycling sleeves look amazing, especially arm ones.

Also, you will feel more motivated every time you see yourself.

Or it’s just me feeling it.

How Should Cycling Sleeves Fit?

Cycling sleeves should be tight but not too tight that you can’t take them off. You should be able to roll them up and down with ease.

Ideally, cycling sleeves should start just around the middle of your biceps or tight depending on the type of sleeves, and end just before your wrists.

Of course, there are no exact rules, you should wear them however you feel most comfortable.  

If they are too tight they can even cause circulatory problems.

I hope this article was helpful!

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