Can You Wear Normal Sunglasses While Cycling?

If you’ve ever wondered can you wear normal glasses for riding a bike or do you need professional ones? What are the differences between those two? And whether they can be compared at all? I cycled whit both non-cycling and cycling sunglasses and in this article, I will tell you what I notice and what is my conclusion on it.

Normal sunglasses are an excellent solution if you don’t have cycling ones. Can be worn everywhere (cycling through the city, to the work, traveling…) in all different weathers. Even some professional cyclists prefer them on some chill rides.

Are Sunglasses Even Necessary?

It’s not necessary to cycle whit sunglasses but it is nice to have them on your head while cycling especially in the summertime. Because they will make a ride much more enjoyable and without things getting into your eyes.

No matter whether you use normal or cycling goggles, wearing them is better than not wearing them. Especially if it is windy outside and you are riding at a little bit higher speed you will need something to protect your eyes from that wind blowing in your face.

You don’t need to use them all the time but at least take them with you on the ride. A little bit later I will talk about the benefits and the differences between cycling and non-cycling glasses.

Are Normal Sunglasses Good for Cycling?

Normal glasses are an excellent solution for medium to low speed rides. They will protect you from the main objects in the air such as dust, insects, and light. Which makes them almost as effective as cycling glasses.

But mostly, it depends on what type of cycling you do. If you are cycling slower than 10miles (16km) per hour, usually to work or through the city, normal sunglasses will be perfect.

But if speed is very important to you and you wanna go as fast as possible on your bicycle then the cycling glasses will make a noticeable difference, especially at the higher speeds.

If you are going on mountain biking, bikepacking, or any type of off-road cycling whit your normal sunglasses on make sure that they stay well on your head. There is one test that can determine if your glasses fits you properly. If you can shake your head upside down without them falling off that means it fits you perfectly.

And keep in mind that your normal glasses might be harmed a little bit. Because they are protecting you from all the dust and flying rocks in the air. So try to not wear some expensive sunglasses!

The Difference between cycling and non-cycling glasses?

The difference is that cycling glasses are a little bit more aerodynamic, lenses are made to be anti-fog and anti-glare, plus their view is much broader especially on the side.

When it comes to cycling itself if you compare cycling whit normal sunglasses, cycling ones will win in almost every scenario. So in that sense, they cannot be compared at all.

Based on the type of cycling you do and your capabilities, you need to decide which type of goggles are the most suitable for you.

Cycling Glasses


  • Good airflow
  • Quality lesces
  • Good design
  • Great for every lighting condition
  • Stick to the head
  • Broader view


  • Little more expensive

Non-cycling Glasses


  • Can be worn anywhere
  • Great for commuting
  • Look casual
  • Protect from UV rays


  • Bad aerodynamic
  • Doesn’t stick to the head very well
  • Only for high-light conditions

Common things for both cycling and non-cycling glasses

  • Good durability
  • Very comfortable
  • Protection from the light, dust…
  • Good appearance


You don’t really need to buy some expensive cycling glasses. For the beginner literally every single pair of glasses will do the job, even if they are not that expensive. I started with 5$ sunglasses from the gas station and it was fine. Rather focus on other pieces of equipment that are much more important.

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