Are Drop Handlebars Comfortable?

Maybe you are not sure, are drop handlebars even comfortable? You asked this question probably because you saw how strained it looks. In this article, you will find out if drop bars are actually comfortable.

Drop bar bikes are very comfortable because of the variety of hand positions (The Tops, The Hoods, The Drops) and give you the most comfortable riding position while also maintaining aerodynamic, speed, and very cool look.

One question I get asked often Is why don’t I ride a flat-bar bike? For me, a flat bar bicycle is a lot less comfortable, because I need to hold my hands in the same positions for hours. Which puts a lot of pressure on my palms and it can be very painful especially for the longer rides.

They can be great though for mountain biking or for some short rides through the city.

There is also a wide variety of different drop handlebars. But everyone needs to find what suits him. For me personally, the classic drop bar suits me the most.

Why Are the Drop Handle Bars Comfortable?

Drop bars are so comfortable because of the variety of hand positions and the ability to change them throughout the ride.

Some drop bar bikes also have a special handlebar tape that will make your grip more comfortable. But for me, this is not a game-changer.

Most comfortable hand positions on a drop bar bike

  1. The Tops
  2. The Hoods (the most comfortable)
  3. The Drops

One misconception that I hear all the time is if you have drop-bar means you have to ride in the drops all the time, which is completely not true.

Actually, the majority of the people ride most of the time in the hoods, about (70%-90%) which is the most comfortable hand position you can have on the bicycle.

Now you may wonder, ok but why do I need drop bars?

I love to use it when it’s windy on the road and I wanna a little bit more aerodynamic position or I just wanna stretch my back a bit. Another advantage of the drops is that you have the full leverage on the brake if in any case, you have to break.

As for the tops I would not recommend it, especially for beginners. Because you are far from the brake and you can’t reach it from this position. The second drawback is that your hands are very close to the stem which is the bed position to control your bike. The only good time to use this position is when you are climbing a big uphill and you need a little bit more of an upright position. Also when doing a long ride it’s good to have another option to rest your hands.

When it comes to appearance it is a personal preference, but I think that the drop-bar bike has a really powerful and elegant look at the same time.

Drop bars are on average 20cm narrower than flat bars which means you can put your bicycle in the bus and ride through the traffic more easily.

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