Is It Safe to Ride a Bike During a Thunderstorm?

Have you ever ride a bicycle through the heavy rain and wondered, Is it possible that lightning strikes me right now? In this article, I will reveal everything you will need to know when it comes to riding during a thunderstorm.

It’s not safe to cycle during a thunderstorm especially if there is nothing around and the person is at the highest altitude compared to everything else, if a person is surrounded by the higher elevated objects’ chances of getting hit are a lot smaller.

Make sure when you are cycling somewhere and when a storm hits that you know what to do and what can happen.

Can Lightning Strike a Bicycle?

In short, lightning can strike the bike itself and the bicycle whit you on it. There isn’t enough rubber on your tires to redirect the lightning in the ground and protect you from the strike. Also, you can’t dodge the lightning or avoid it in any way if it is about to hit.

Chanses of Being Struck by Lightning?

If you are stuck outdoors cycling there is always a possibility of being struck by lightning. But what are the chances for that to really happened?

According to some of my analysis chances of being struck by lightning while cycling are 250,000 to one which is really low. If a storm catches you don’t need to panic, it’s nothing that big of a deal but you still need to be careful and find shelter as soon as you can.

How to Stay Safe During Thunderstorm?

I have been cycling through many rainstorms and storms and I have gathered numerous tricks along the way which I will share whit you now.

Check The Weather Before You Start Cycling

This might sound obvious but a large group of people doesn’t check the weather before they start cycling. Which is a big mistake because otherwise, you can prepare for what’s coming and pack all stuff you will need.

Sometimes thunderstorms will form very quickly while you are in the middle of the ride and you will not expect it at all, I’ve experienced it and it’s not funny. You can download an app on mobile and in the middle of the ride, you can check the weather and see storm directions, and then you can get organized.

Find Good Shelter

If you are in the middle of the ride and a storm suddenly hits you will need a good shelter. Even before you see lightning and before you get completely wet. Because if you wait for the rain to stop for a long period of time, while you are completely wet you can risk getting hypothermia which can lead to shivering, fumbling hands, memory loss, and many other diseases.

Good shelter needs to have a wide space where you can comfortably stay and water from the rain, and wind cannot come at all.

Examples of good shelter :

  • Any Building
  • Under The Bridge
  • Vehicle
  • Underground

Examples of bad shelter :

  • Open Areas
  • High Ground
  • Tree
  • Cliff

Get Off Elevated Areas

If you are cycling through the city whit tall buildings and points whit a higher altitude than yours, lightning will focus on those objects rather than you and you should be fine. But on the other side, the problem is if you are on a hill whit exposure to the sky where you are the tallest thing around. In those situations, the safest thing to do is to find the lowest area possible get off the bike, and crouch there.

Bring Extra Clothing

Extra clothing can’t protect you from the lighting but it can help you maintain a temperature and not be completely wet. One simple thing such as a rain jacket or arm and leg warmer can make a big difference in your ride through the rain and make sure that your outwear is as waterproof as possible.

Pay Attention On The Road

Paying attention to the road is very important but it can be difficult during the storm. Roads can be slippery, the wind will blow directly in your face and you will get completely wet. Make sure your brakes are working and brake a little bit earlier than you would usually when it’s not wet. Just cycle slowly and be aware of everything around you.

If you are riding whit someone make sure that you are separated from each other. Because If lightning strikes one person others will be able to help.

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