What is The Best Bicycle Color? (Top 7 Colors)

If you are looking to purchase a new bicycle, there is a high chance you cannot decide which color is the best one for you.

Does the bike color even matter?

Trust me, it’s far more important than you might think.

Your bike’s color has a very important role, from safety all the way to the bike’s resale value. At first glance, it might seem extremely unimportant but every single color has its pros and cons.

After reading this article you will know exactly which bike color is right for you.

Before we started, I did a quick pull to see what other cyclists think is the best bicycle color.

Here are the results:

Bicycle ColorPercentage
Best Bike Color Poll

As you can see in the poll. Black is the most popular color among cyclists, closely followed by blue and red.

Why is Bike Color So Important?

Now, let’s see why you should even care when choosing your bike color.


Being visible on your bicycle can save your life.

Many bicycle accidents are due to the fact that the driver does not see a bicycle.

You need to avoid that at all costs.

There are many ways in which you can increase your visibility. Here are the top 3 ones.

Good lightning, visible bike color, and your cycling clothing.

You need to be in contrast with your surroundings.

Here is the exact one I use (link to Amazon). It’s so reflective that there is absolutely no chance that someone can’t see me.

Let me give you an example. If you are cycling in a snowy area the most visible color you can have is black. 

But most people are riding in a city so black is not the ideal color. More of that later on.

The key is to stand out.

Resale Value

Lots of people want to sell their bikes down the line and upgrade to a newer version.

If you’ve picked the wrong color that everybody else dislikes you are in big trouble. You will have a hard time selling that bike.

These days you can easily order a custom bike from all these big bike companies.

You want to be careful with your color choice. Make sure you don’t go too wild with crazy color designs like purple and green with a tiger print handlebar.

Maybe you like it, but down the line who the hell is going to buy that bicycle?

Also, you don’t want to choose a depressing color like brown. Maybe that’s only me but I hate it when I see someone riding a brown bike or even a brown car.

My advice is to go with a single-color bike or if you want something unique you can get away with 2 colors as well.

A custom 2-color fade can also look sick.

Top 7 Colors For Your Bicycle

Here are the best 6 colors you can pick for your bicycle.


Let’s start right away with the most popular bike color in the cycling space.


You just can’t get wrong with that color. It’s the simplest color and everybody likes it or at least doesn’t hate it.

Among many cyclists black is considered a luxury color because it always looks clean, even if you go on an off-road ride it will look much better than some light-colored bikes.

Also if you try to sell it down the line you can do it without a problem.

But with all that said, black is the least safe color for cycling because when the sun is down you are invisible. In that case, you need to have good lighting and reflective clothing.

One more downside is that the black color absorbs sunlight. This means in the summertime your bike frame will be blazing hot.


White bicycles are beautiful. But they are not so popular, and there is a good reason behind.

They look amazing only before the ride.

White bicycles are like a magnet for dirt. After every ride, your bike will look horrific so you will need to clean it regularly, almost every day.

But when it comes to safety white bicycles are number one.

Everyone will see you, even in the dark places in the middle of nowhere.

Also, white bikes reflect the sun. So you won’t have those hot bike frame problems.


Gray (Silver) bicycles are usually the cheapest ones.

Of course, there are some exceptions but in general, that is the case.

Gray bicycles are always somewhere in the middle. They do not reflect the sun that well nor do other people see you as well as they would if you had a white bike.

In my opinion, there are many other better colors you can choose from.

But if you like gray go for it.


Red is considered one of the greatest and most popular colors among cyclists.

They always say it’s the color of speed.

That’s why many professionals pick red as the main bicycle color.

There are a lot of variations of red, dark, light, burgundy, etc. Specialized bicycles especially look great in red.

Red bikes are also considered to be amongst the safest ones. It’s very visible in the dark and even has decent heat absorption.

Reed color is one of the best for mountain bikers because it stands out from nature.


If I had to pick one bike color to use for the rest of my life, I would probably choose yellow.

And there are two main reasons for that.

The first one is because yellow is for me personally a beautiful color, especially looks pretty on a bicycle. 

I can guarantee you will stand out from other bicycles.

The second reason is visibility.

It’s a great color because everybody and their mom will see you clearly. Also, many Tour de France winners use a yellow bike, so another reason why I love it so much.

If you even manage to match your jersey colors with your bike, bro you are already a world champion.


Blue is also considered one of the best colors you can have on your bike.

There are a lot of variations, light blue, dark blue, teal blue, etc.

But in my opinion, light blue looks the best on a bicycle.

It’s much more visible than a dark blue and it’s better at absorbing light.

Pinarello in my opinion has the most beautiful blue bikes on the market.


The green color on the bicycle is not so popular.

Try to remember the last time you saw a green bike. I can’t.

It’s not so popular because, in my opinion, it doesn’t look so clean on a bike. There are much better colors to choose from.

But I am not gonna lie, there are some absolutely gorgeous green bikes, but that’s very rare.

One thing I like is that green bikes are much easier to clean and they easily blend in with nature.

I hope this article was helpful!

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