Is It Difficult to Ride a Bicycle? (From Personal Experience)

Maybe you think being able to ride a bicycle would be something difficult, but with the information, I will share with you, you will know that cycling is not as hard as you might think.

Riding a bicycle is not hard. It’s one of those things that looks like it is difficult, but in the reality, it’s not. You just need practice (40-60 minutes a day) and over time it becomes easier and you will feel more natural and comfortable during your rides.

It Doesn’t matter what type of bicycle would you ride, mountain, road, hybrid, touring..or how old you are, as long as you are hungry to learn and have the powerful motivation you will succeed.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Cycling?

Here is the list of things you should follow in order to learn how to cycle efficiently.

  1. Practice getting on and off (5-10) min a day
  2. Practice to break (5-10) min a day
  3. Practice keeping balance (15-20) min a day
  4. Practice pedaling (15-20) min a day

And if you spend that 40-60 minutes every day, you will start cycling within a week or less.

Why do You Struggle to Ride a Bike?

From my experience, one of the most important things for learning how to cycle is to not get scared of speed. This one thing took me a few months to learn.

When I started cycling for the first time, I was so afraid even to start riding. And even if I would begin, I would lose balance, start moving handlebars left and right, and fall off immediately.

Then I figure out that there was no point in riding slowly. And I started going faster, stayed in balance, and didn’t fall off as usual. The more you practice, the better you will get.

Also, one more important thing is to not give up even if you are frustrated. Because I had the same problem, I was frustrated all the time. But when I go back to those moments right now when I am experienced, it was hilarious.

After that, it is all about building confidence and start being familiar with the road. Take your bike out on the road and start cycling, and make sure you wear a helmet and don’t hurt yourself or any other person around you.

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